Well can’t call it a complete failure, and while I do like how it turned out, it’s not what I had totally planned on.  Have to say though, it was meditative; time flew by soooo fast I couldn’t believe it.  I was surprised around every corner today, as nothing was as I expected, nor exactly how I remember it.  Close, in some cases, but – the world has moved on and I need to catch up a bit!


Points taken from todays experiement:

All City Paint –  Sprays smooth predictable lines, and covers okay.  Comes in-low pressure, so no need to dump half the pressure out to get a decent flow.  I mean, it’s opaque as anything (well, not like Rusto opaque, but nothing is in my experience yet) and NOT watery at all.  I expected it to cover more square footage though, for the background stuff.  Its a very thick based acrylic paint, and needs to be shaken like hell before you spray.  I won’t buy their white anymore though, this is the second can I’ve got that was clogged out of the gate. Also the paint became quite viscous after the temps dropped a bit and I was clogging caps left and right.

Next piece I’m using all Montana gold if I can get my hands on it locally.


Caps – more caps today than I know what to do with. Used a fat to cover some background but I think more was getting lost in the atomization between the can and the wall than was actually landing on the wall.


Going to need some practice just getting my sketch up on the wall.  Took me two tries today.  First time, I started the left side of my outline just left of center… stepped back to check and noticed that I was going to run out of wall at by the third letter.  Accuracy for the letters was pretty good, but size was an issue.  Think I just need a bigger wall.  Still, I was pleased with how my sketch got up, didn’t have to re-work it too much at all.  My overall design ended up being compromised, because I need to either paint smaller, or needed a bigger wall.  Probably the biggest disappointment today.

Riding a bike and the braking actions employed while doing so – is absolutely NO help to painting with the can.  Right hand is going to be out of it for a few days now…


While I didn’t pick up where I left off, once into the groove, I felt pretty comfortable can-control-wise.  The low pressure paint and skinny as hell cap really helped I’m sure, but I didn’t get in to any situation where I thought I couldn’t paint my way out of.


All in all, had a great time with it, and really miss painting. Looking forward to shaking off the cobwebs and getting back on my game.

Didn’t really “finish” it tonight, still have to cut up some of the blues I just added and clean it up a bit, but I might just leave it.  Strange thing,

where to buy steroids online having your own wall though.  No matter my disappointments with this, it will hurt to buff it when the time comes…  which will be pretty soon!

Thanks for looking!